Spring is in the air here at Kudzu

Spring is in the air and so are BIG changes here at Kudzu Soap Co. So, what all is happening?

Over the next few days be looking for a new and improved website. We are transitioning to a new website hosting service that will provide us with much more flexibility and a more powerful web solution.

We a simplifying the order process for both our retail and wholesale customers. Will allow us the ability to live stream videoo from our studio while we are making the goodness!

In late January of this year, we made the decision to reduce down the total number of products that we will be offering as we move into spring and beyond.

Beginning April 1st, 2017, we will limit our product production to the Top 12 and most popular fragrances of our Handcrafted Soaps (cold process method) and a new Sea Salt Body Polish.

We will continue to produce Body Mousse, however, will be available only to wholesale partners and offered at live events as this product is very seasonal and does not ship well in hotter months.

We wanted to focus on the products that our customers and wholesale partners love! Assuring we have stock to satisfy our wholesale partners as they place reorders with us. Our experience has shown that having too many products is stressful, time consuming, and extremely expensive. We want to streamline not only our products, but our supplies and inventory as well.

Our packaging has been received with fanfare. But, just as the seasons change, so does the packaging. We are keeping our signature kraft paper style. But, we are transitioning to custom made kraft paper bags that are wax lined. This eliminates the possibility of the soaps damaging a piece of furniture or a retailers display.

Custom signage for our wholesale partners to use when displaying our products in their stores.

In addition, for our wholesale partners, we are rolling out custom soap trays that can be purchased separately, should they wish to display our soaps naked. Our color swirls are amazing and we have tweaked those a little this year. They look absolutely amazing (pics coming soon).

ADDING INDEPENDENT SALES REPRESENTATIVES (ISR’s) We have been in the planning stages of this for over a year. We wanted to wait until the time was right and everything was in order on our end. In Q2 of 2017 we are bringing on ISL’s to canvas the Southeastern US to expand the KSC product line to additional retail entities.

We have worked very hard at resourcing providers of our supplies and inventory to assure we are getting the best price possible. This allows us to offer our ISL’s a commission that is DOUBLE to that of nationals standard for an initial sale. In addition, the same commission on all reorders, which is actually TRIPLE the national standard.

We have transitioned a large part of our basement into a custom production area for all of our products. WE have so much counter space and storage now. We are absolutely LOVING IT! We will be sharing it with you in live videos in the near future.


All in all, a LOT of things are happening here at KSC. We took a huge hit to our business after the devastating house fire in October 2015. Being displaced over a year was extremely difficult, but we are back and ready to kick 2017 into full gear!

We truly, and sincerely, THANK YOU for all of your support and patronage over the years. You mean the world to us and we could never had made it this far without YOU!

Thanks again,
Kevin & Pip

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