A Little Introduction To Our Team Members


Phillip has a lot of responsibility here at the Kudzu Soap Company. He is the founder, owner, and the backbone of this company.

Phillip is, first and foremost, the reason you have access to our AMAZING handmade bath & body products.

A lot of time goes into the research and development of all of our bath & body products that you use daily – and he has done that diligently!

He gets up early in the morning to “make the soap” and then does various other product productions throughout the day. He assures that all of the products are in stock and available so that orders can be filled and delivered to you as soon as possible.

Some of Phillip’s favorites activities are running the business, floating in the lake at Hanging Dog in Murphy, NC and spending time with his family and his babies.


Behind the scenes is where you will normally find Kevin. He is our tech guru here at Kudzu Soap Company.

He is in charge of our entire website, from the front end all the way down to the e-commerce portion. It is a daily grind to assure that everything is functioning properly and without delay.

In addition to the website, Kevin handles all of the day-to-day back-end operations. From the e-commerce side of things to generating order fulfillment slips and assuring all orders are promptly filled and shipped. Kevin is also our first line of contact with our wonderful wholesale customers.

On occasion, Phillip pulls him into the production area, when he is not getting on his nerves… LOL, Life is a joy here at Kudzu Soap Company   🙂

Lily – “Luscious Lilian”

Lily, better known as “Lily Goat”, is our Quality Control Inspector.

Her primary responsibility is to assure that all products are produced using the strict standards that she has set forth. While we do not yet know what those standards are, we work very hard to comply.

She makes regular visits to the production room to assure all is going as expected. She loves to play and be with her sissies.

Her favorite food is “cookies”, any kind of dog treat is known as a cookie and she loves them all the same.

“Nom Nom … Cookies Nom”

Angel – “Miss Angelic Rose”

Angel is our Product Development Specialist and likes to recommend ideas for new products, as you can see by the picture here. She is truly an integral part of the day to day operations here Kudzu.

Angel is a trooper when it comes to alerting the Kudzu staff to all UPS and FedEx arrivals. She tends to have a thing for those delivery drivers and barks EXTREMELY loud to let them know she is aware of their presence.

In her off time, Angel loves to play and chase Lily around the house. Her favorite activities include; going outside, eating cookies, and singing with Daddy Kev.

Oh yeah, she also loves growling at Mimi after she sings because Mimi is not supposed to join in on the singing fun.

Diva – “Lady Godiva”

Diva is our Supervisor of Sanitation Services. She assures that each and every item is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to use.

Diva is regularly found curled up under a blanket on the couch with Mimi. She always assures that there is time for a good siesta in between her day to day tasks.

For fun, she also like to “go outside” and eat those delicious cookies that they regularly receive. On occasion she likes to break free from a leash and make a mad dash for the border. Fortunately, the Kudzu staff has a “Red Bandana Alert” in place and has prevented any successful escapes, thus far.

She recently kicked out of the singing fun due to her singing sounding like a screaming banshee.

Mimi – “Mimosa Rose”

As we were preparing this page for the website, we could not understand why Mimi is still on the Kudzu payroll.

She claims to be the Vice President of Global Communications. We could not find any proof supporting this claim.

Mimi can usually be found curled up on the couch under a blanket sleeping with Diva. She is a trooper when it comes to counting sheep. She is really good at that!

Kudzu’s Little Helper’s

…from left to right are; Diva, Mimi, Angel, and Lily.

Aren’t they just PRECIOUS?