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The Handmade Soap Class – Basic Soapmaking 101

Have you ever wanted to make your own luxurious handmade soap? Then this is the class for you!

Learning to make soap is fun! This beginner’s class teaches the basics utilizing the Cold Process method of soap making wherein we will learn all about; lye safety, necessary equipment, vegetable and plant based oils, and fragrance and/or essential oils to fragrance your soap.

The cold process method to make soap is probably the easiest, and least labor intensive, of all the methods. It relies almost exclusively on the heat generated by the process of “saponification”, which is the chemical reaction of fatty acids and alkali to produce soap. No external heat is applied once the ingredients have been mixed. Although it may seem complicated when you are first starting out, making your own soap from scratch (the way many of our grandparents did) using all-natural ingredients can be both fun and rewarding ~ not to mention extremely addicting!

This class is approximately four (04) hours in length and combines a brief lecture period where we will discuss the history of soap making, current methods of making soap, safety measures to follow, the oils and butters used in making soap, the tools and supplies used in making soap, and a live soap making demonstration that also include a hands-on portion, where volunteers will work with the instructor to make two large batches of soap.

In addition to class handouts, each attendee will leave the class with the soap recipe that we used in the class, a list of suppliers for soap making materials (most if not all supplies can be found at your local grocery store), a knowledge and confidence to make soap at home, and a one pound loaf of soap that we will make in the class. Once the soap has hardened at home, you will be able to slice it into bars and let them dry for six to eight (06-08) weeks.

It will be a fun day of learning and making new friends. Plus, we will discuss and provide you with a recipe that will show you how to make you own laundry detergent, at home, that is far superior than the national brands. And you can make it for just pennies on the dollar. Therefore, no more having to spend all that money on a name brand ever again!

We hope to see you at a class very soon!

Currently Scheduled Classes, Information, and Specifics

Current Class Schedule(s):

Class Cost: $55.00 / per person
Class Location: TBA
Class Instructor: Phillip Barton

Please Note: classes currently scheduled have a MAXIMUM of twenty (20) participants per class – we will update availability here on a regularly scheduled basis.

Class Cancellation / Refund Policy and Class Requirements

Class Cancellation / Refund Policy:

In order to secure your seat and reserve you spot, payment is required in full at time of your reservation. All payments are non-refundable. Should you not be able to attend your scheduled class, you will be issued a credit and we will work with you reschedule to a class at a later date. Your credit will be good for twelve (12) months from date of original purchase. This credit can be used to reschedule classes only. “No Shows”, for any given class, are NON-REFUNDABLE, no exceptions to this rule. Kudzu Soap Company reserves the right to reschedule any class that does not reach a minimum of ten (10) attendees.

Class Requirements:

Because of the caustic nature of Sodium Hydroxide, better known as Lye, the hands-on participation / session of the class is offered to all of those that are 18 years and older. Classes are available to paying attendees only. Please assure that you wear comfortable clothes that you will not mind getting soap on!