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Become a Kudzu Soap Company Retailer

Kudzu’s handcrafted soaps and bath and body products can be a profitable, and popular addition, to your retail store or business – be it a gift shop, salon, spa, boutique, book store, or coffee house, just to name a few.

Our products are well above the standard sizes within the handcrafted soap industry. A typical bar of handcrafted soap may weight anywhere between 3-5 ounces. Our soaps are a minimum of 8 ounces each per bar!

By diligently researching and sourcing out all of our suppliers, we strive to keep our costs as low as possible. What this means to you is that our Wholesale Program offers our exceptional handcrafted products to you at extremely competitive prices. This allows you to see a 100% or greater profit potential, while still providing your customers an exceptional product at an exceptional value.

To learn more about our wholesale program or to become a Kudzu wholesaler, please complete the Online Info Request Form listed below. Upon receipt of your request, we will provide you with a User Name and Password to access our online program information (including our Order Form.)

Online Info Request

You can initiate your request for Wholesale Program information (including our Order Form) by completing and submitting the form below;

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Kudzu Soap Company : Company & Product Overview

At Kudzu Soap Company, we make some of the finest handcrafted cold-process soaps, which are lovingly homemade in small batches to preserve quality. We offer handcrafted soaps, and bath and body products, which contain ingredients of only the highest quality, even if it means making or growing them ourselves. Our soaps contain only vegetable-based oils and NEVER contain any parabens, or sulfates. Our soaps are made the old school way, by taking quality ingredients, time and patience during the entire production process. This makes our soaps highly prized by all of our customers.

Kudzu Soap Company strives to produce old-fashioned soaps, which are reminiscent to the days when homemade solutions were commonplace. We aim to reduce our global footprint and to support small and local businesses within our community.

Wholesale and Accounts are available ONLY to established businesses. At this time, we do not offer these accounts to the general public.